Grade 1

【1A】Pottery -coloring-

☆Pottery -coloring- ☆



 In our second time pottery class, children first learned about glazing from Mr. Kozuru. The glaze was made from ashes of leftover straw from the rice harvest. And there is the glaze made of volcanic ash. Children enjoyed choosing various colors such as pink, lapis lazuli, yellow, green and brown. At home, this New Year’s, please display the monkey your child made.






☆P.E. - Cross country -✩



 We are practicing cross country to get a feel for our own jogging pace. Not to compare themselves to others, but to compare their time to past!! The course is at the English garden and the distance is 1.2Km. I hope every child run the full distance to the goal!!






 Our gym changed into a theatre on Wednesday. “Gekidan Kazenoko Kyusyu" played “Banban to Tora". It was an 8-character play but 3 people played with Indonesian shadow puppet and drama. The theme is extinction wild animals and the human beings at the top of the food chain. The children enjoyed it!!