Grade 1



11月も末になり、本格的な寒さを感じるようになりました。2015年も残すところひと月です。先週から、第2回目のReading Assesmentを始めました。毎日音読を宿題に出していますが、子どもたちの英語力も確実に伸びてきています。ウェブ上のレベルも1月までには今回の結果を反映させる予定です。


 The end of November has come and tt is becoming colder and colder. Just one month is left in 2015. We started 2nd time reading assessment. Reading aloud every day makes children improve their English. We will change the level of RAZ web system in winter vacation.



☆L.S. – Sweet potato party -☆

 2年生に招待されたSweet potato party!まずはお腹をすかせるために、2年生といっしょに遊ぶ時間もありました。フォレストでターザンロープをしたり、おにごっこをしたり、どんぐり集めをしたりとたっぷり遊んだあとは、一緒に焼き芋を食べました。ポスターや招待状などいろいろな準備をしてくれた2年生、ありがとう!


 2nd grader invited 1st grader to the sweet potato party! To get hungry we could have the playing time together. 2nd graders are very good older brothers and sisters. They were asking what 1st graders want to play and playing with tarzan rope, tag game, gathering acorns etc. After the playing time, they eat sweet potato together.  Hot and fresh from leaves fired were very tasty!!  2nd graders, thank you for preparing poster and invitation cards for us!!












☆Disaster Defence Lecture  - 防災講習 -✩





   Firemen from Dazaifu fire station teach us about earthquake, flood and other disasters and how to defence from them. We learned that it is important that knowing and learning about disaster makes us keep our life by ourselves