Grade 1

【1A】English&Drama class


 今週は、過ごしやすい天気が続き、外で元気に遊びました!P.E. classでは、サッカーをしています。男女混合チームで試合をしていますが、女の子も男の子に負けず上手なので毎回驚いています。
 English classで学習したストーリーをDrama classで演じました。動物になりきり、とても可愛かったです!


This week, as the weather has been improving, we’ve had the chance to be outside more. In P.E., we played soccer. With mixed teams, we battled against each other. All the boys and girls refused to give up, and everyone kept doing their best.
We used the stories we read in English class to create performances in drama this week too!  Becoming the animal characters lead to some especially cute moments.