Grade 1




鶴丸 未央子



It has been a great experience teaching at Linden Hall. It has only been one short year, but it is filled with many good memories. I have seen the 1st graders grow in many areas, but most of all they have grown as individuals. I would love to see them continue to grow in 2nd grade and further. Thank you everything.

Robert Posey



March is ending, and so is your first year as elementary school students. Can you remember what it was like coming to school for the first time a year ago? Were you nervous? Did you have to think carefully and for a long time before you could speak in English? You didn’t know the school rules, manners, and you didn’t know most of your classmates. Now, one year later, you are ready to start grade two. You’ve read and responded to English books, written your own sentences, stories, and journals, and speak English every day. Every day! More importantly, you’ve learned the behaviours and manners of elementary students, and have become close friends with your classmates and teachers.
I hope, as you all move on to grade 2, that you look back fondly on this first year of school. Remember all the things you got better at doing, and make plans to become even better to improve your weaker points over the next year!
Have a wonderful spring holiday,

Brian Petersen



This week in Math class the grade 1’s have been creating and playing their own games to review the math skills and ideas they have learned this year.
    On a personal note, I would like to say it has been a pleasure to teach math to all of the students in group B this year.  We have learned to think and share our thoughts, and also to listen to and respect each others’ ideas.  It has been great to see everyone grow in confidence and enjoy Math.  Thank you 1B for an amazing year!

Brian James