Grade 1





☆1B担任 国語・算数・道徳などの日本語の教科担当☆

上甑町 リカ(かみこしきまち りか)(Rika Kamikoshikimachi)


☆1B English・LS・ES・Drama・ITなどの英語担当☆

Hello, and welcome to Linden Hall School! My name is Ms. Benjamin and I will be spending a lot more time with you this year in 1B. Coming to a new school and meeting new friends and teachers can make you a little nervous and excited, too. But don’t be afraid to ask for help, all of us in school are all set to make you feel comfortable.  I am looking forward to a bright, enjoyable, and fun-learning school year ahead of us! Welcome to the family, and see you soon!