Grade 1





Last Tuesday we visited Dazaifu Tenmangu for the ‘Tenjin Forest Sketch Competition’. The children drew a variety of plants, large trees and the bridges and Torii gates surrounding the temple grounds.





☆Sports dayに向けて☆

Sports day本番まであと1週間。今週は、初めて短大グラウンドへ移動して練習を行いました!ダンスとバルーン、仕上がってきました。楽しみにしていてください。


There is now only one week left before Sports Day! This week was the first time for the children to practice at the Tandai Field. They successfully practiced using the giant parachute and dancing too! Please look forward to watching them perform!


☆Morning glory☆



We sowed our very own Morning Glory seeds! We used seeds from the plants Grade 2 nurtured last year. It’s so exciting to wait for the seedlings to sprout!