Grade 1

【1A】明日は待ちに待ったSports day!


明日は待ちに待ったSports day!!子どもたちは今日まで一生懸命に練習してきました。

1Aの児童の出番は、2.Opening Ceremony、3.Radio Taiso、4.1st and 2nd Grade Sprints、8.1st Grade Dance、19.1st Grade&HS Novelty Event 27.Closing Ceremonyです。写真は19.1st Grade&HS Novelty Eventの様子です!明日は頑張った子どもたちへ盛大な拍手をお願い致します!




We met the junior high school seventh grade class for the first time, but it was easy to get over our shyness and quickly become good friends with our older schoolmates. Following the seventh grader’ s lead, we can increase in confidence and be inspired to give our all.


Please remember to wear white shocks on Sports Day!