Grade 1

【1A】Sports Day


今年度のSports Dayは、昨年開催されなかったこともあり、大いに盛り上がりました!

入学して30日間の登校日を経て迎えたSports Day、本番の一回に向けて一生懸命に練習に取り組みました。一人一人の成長が見られたと思います。子どもたちへの大声援、ありがとうございました。心より感謝申し上げます。

With the event being called off due to bad weather last year, this year’s Sports Day was a great success! Only 30 days have passed since Grade 1 started school, but they all practiced their hardest for the big day. We saw each and every child improve over 3 short weeks. Thank you for cheering them on! It really means a lot to see families attend this day.