Grade 4



こんにちは、4A担任の谷口です。4年A組19名のみなさん、進級おめでとうございます。今年から上級生としての仲間入りをし、クラブ活動、委員会活動も始まります。これからは少しずつ下級生をリードしていく機会も増えてきます。一人ひとりが自覚を持たないといけません。仲間とともに素敵な1年間にしていきましょう。保護者の皆さんとともに、子どもたちの更なる成長を促していきたいと思います。どうぞよろしくお願いします。 このニュースレターの題名は「和」の精神を大切に考え、行動してもらいたいという思いを込めています。


Hello everyone!  My name is Fumio Taniguchi and I am a homeroom teacher of 4A this year. Have fun at new class, 19 4A students!!  They become upper grade students from this year, therefore they will join the club activities and committees.  They will also gradually gain the opportunities of leading lower graders. They must be conscious of that.  Let's make a brilliant year with friends.  Additionally, I would like to make this a productive year with parents' co-operation.
The title of this newsletter is “Wa".  I hope grade 4A students will respect Japanese traditional spirit and work together.



☆Greeting from Mr James     James先生より挨拶☆

Hello grade 4 parents and students!
My name is Brian James and I will be in 4A with Mr Taniguchi this year.  I was actually hoping to teach grade 4 this year, because I really enjoyed teaching them Math when they were in grade 2.  I look forward to a fun and productive year with them and will do my best to help them discover and develop their unique talents.
    Brian James, 4A