Grade 6

【6A】理科実験 Science Experiment


「植物のからだのはたらき」の単元で「植物と日光とのかかわり」を 学習しています。植物に日光が当たるとでんぷんができるか調べるための実験を行いました。葉のでんぷんを調べるためにエタノールで葉の緑色をぬいて調べました。


 The students are studying about photosynthesis in the unit of “Working of Plant Bodies”. They had an experiment to study if the plants make starch with sunlight. They bleached the leaves to check the starch of leaves.




<リンデン祭スピーチ6年生代表>Linden Festival Speech Representative of G6




 The representative of G6 has been decided for Linden Festival!! The content of her speech is great and she tried hard to memorize it for the audition.  Please do your best!